HMRC Enquiries

The current government have made it very clear that they are recruiting additional HMRC staff to enquire into more tax returns in order to raise their revenue. Unfortunately this can mean that innocent hard working individuals and genuine trading companies will be investigated too.

An enquiry with HMRC has to be handled in a very clear and professional way; any ambiguity or delay in providing a response may result in the Tax Inspector thinking that you have something to hide.

As soon as you receive an enquiry it is best to use an expert to bring it to a close as concisely and amicably as possible, otherwise costs can spiral out of control and penalties and interest will soon follow.

I have dealt with HMRC enquiries for 20 years and know exactly what they are looking for and expect from a response. By incurring my highly competitive fees up front you will save a lot of hassle, pain and further costs down the line.

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