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The current climate is a tough one – the banks claim that they are lending but a lot of genuine and good businesses are being turned down when they ask for a loan or some sort of banking support.

In discussion with people in the banking sector it can often be the quality of information that was presented to them in the first place that resulted in the lack of support. It is very often the case that business owners are very good at what they do for a living but when it comes to sending details through to the bank manager, it can all go horribly wrong.

Whilst it doesn't have to be very complicated or costly, a business plan should be the first thing that you present to a bank when asking for financial support, even if it is an overdraft request.

The bank want to know how much you want, how stable your business is, who is asking for their money and when they will get it back. It sounds simple but if this is not presented in the right way then the bank may just dismiss you.

My fee structure will depend on the complexity of the business, but I can offer an up-front fixed fee for the preparation of the business plan, or maybe a two-stage fee, part paid on preparation of the plan and the balance paid when you obtain funding. I say when because I feel confident that if you are a good viable business, then I can present a plan to the banks which will result in success for you.

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